Mobile phone

Interactive way to explorer the museum exhibits, national parks, zoos, galleries... by using NFC, iBeacons or QR code located near each exhibits or room.

Museum exhibits

Each exhibit has its own ID sign that can be use any of the scanning technologies for fetching the exhibit interactive information.


Customer experience 

All information in multi language and interactive media of picture, video and text. 

Boordi is an interactive mobile service that gives added value to museums, national parks, zoos, galleries or any attraction site.

  Following features are available:
   -A Personal Guide on a customer´s mobile phone
   -Pictures / Videos / Sounds and detailed information
   -Hearing aid (optional)
   -Maps , Building layout and Visitor information
   -No installations needed (Unless using iBeacons)
   -All smartphones and are supported
   -Ticket payment method and donations
   -Social media integrations (”likes” / ”I´m here”)